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Fire Detection & Alarm

Khula Contractors has successfully delivered analogue addressable systems in medium and large environments…


CCTV or IP Video Surveillance as it is also known is one of the dominating disciplines of the security industry.

Access Control

While access control has a primary function of controlling access to spaces and when these spaces can be accessed…

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Khula Contractors is structured to deliver your projects successfully.

Khula Contractors is structured to deliver your projects successfully without compromising on quality and ensuring the best levels of customer service. Our focus is tuned to understanding the individual needs of our clients and delivering on their life safety and security goals.


    We deliver solutions tailored to meet your budgets and specific project requirements


    We deliver turnkey projects of all sizes Nationally and Internationally


    We operate across all vertical markets where there is a need for life safety and security solutions

What makes Khula Contractors different?

Values And Beliefs

A key to success for any business is its people and we are building a team who work towards achieving common goals together.

Service Excellence

One of our core values is that we aim and work towards being our customers’ most preferred solutions provider.

Dedicated Colleagues

Our entire team is dedicated to delivering results and making your project a success. This is our greatest satisfaction.