Many commercial developments are for multi-tenant use and this needs to form a fundamental part of the system design. Our approach to system design allows us to better appreciate the challenges in solutions appropriate for the Commercial sector and we ensure that life safety and security systems are an intrinsic part of the building rather than just a bolt on.

We work with many clients from small office locations to multi-networked enterprise systems as well as major projects and data centres.


Retailers are continually facing increasing criminal activity. With criminal activity taking on new levels of sophistication, it is critical that significant investment is made in loss prevention to respond to the threats of these wide-ranging activities.

Intuitive high definition video surveillance solutions allow control room staff to track suspicious behaviour throughout your entire retail space no matter how big the size of the store or mall. This enables the security team to respond and apprehend when necessary.


The healthcare sector and the nature of the environment often demands robust life safety and security solutions. There is a huge need to control access into restricted areas and provide staff and public safety through the deployment of CCTV. In the Healthcare environment, patient information and records need to be protected so suitable security solutions need to be implemented to ensure this data is not compromised.

Furthermore, in a 24/7 environment such as healthcare, the maintenance of life safety and security systems is highly essential. We have the ability to tailor solutions to meet the demands of the Healthcare environment as well as the specific support package that will be required to maintain the systems.

High-Rise Residential

From New York to London, Cape Town to Dubai, there is an ever-increasing growth in high-rise residential buildings and gated communities ranging from affordable to luxury developments.

These tall buildings present several challenges and requires vast knowledge of the most appropriate solutions to accommodate these challenges. Whether it be sleek video intercom systems, automation and communication solutions, controlled access and IP video surveillance, we will deliver a complete integrated solution that compliments your high-rise residential project.

Hotel & Leisure

Hotels and Leisure facilities require suitable integrated life safety and security solutions to protect both front of house and back of house spaces and provide security staff the necessary tools to manage large and frequent volumes of visitors.

The design approach to solutions in this market not only require the consideration of staff and public safety but the aesthetics as well so that the technology can complement its surroundings.